Let InterLink Show You The Best Way To Relocate

We have helped clients move their employees for more than 30 years. We’ve done it all, too: from straightforward domestic relocations to long-term international assignments, we have the services and support to make every stage of the employee relocation experience seamless.


InterLink Relocation Resources has a simple focus that centers around providing meaningful benefits to our clients and their employees. This vision drives our methodologies, fuels our culture and promotes enthusiasm to work smarter for our clients. We have developed, and operate by, four key objectives designed to help clients achieve better than expected results:InterLink Four Key ObjectivesInterLink analyzes every step of the process and consistently seeks out program optimization. Whether our team is reviewing or benchmarking policies, executing a relocation with your valued employee, or identifying back-end process improvements, our team has these objectives instilled in their daily delivery of our relocation solutions to achieve the best possible results.

At InterLink, we know that happy employees make our clients happy; that’s why customer service is our number one priority. Whether we’re helping create or revise corporate relocation policies or facilitating a domestic or international move, clients and their employees have the support they expect. Our Relocation Consultants understand the corporate policy, individual employee circumstances, and manage and measure the entire process. We ensure that your moves are properly managed and closely monitored from start to finish.

Each of our Relocation Consultants have between 15 and 40 years of experience in the global mobility industry. There isn’t a circumstance or event that they have not handled…in other words, InterLink’s team is staffed only by experts in the Global Mobility industry. When we bring a team member on board, we make sure he or she will be 100% ready to work on Day One for our clients and their employees.

We’re also proactive. Our team understands what works best for the clients we serve and their employees. We understand the nuances of how to manage lump sum allowances, international transfers, and everything in-between. We recommend solutions that work with your company’s requirements and costs to ensure that each individual move is successful for you and your employees.

Find out more about why clients choose InterLink. Contact us for a policy assessment of your program, and to discuss your corporate relocation and assignment services.

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