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October 12, 2020
SCORE Remote Working Opportunities

BLOG: U.S. Workers Interested In Relocation Thanks To Remote Opportunities

To say that 2020 has been a strange year for companies around the world is, at this point, just about the biggest understatement imaginable. Regardless of […]
September 11, 2020
Pushpin on map

BLOG: Update on Real Estate Market Activity

InterLink Relocations Resources closely monitors industry and market changes, and in these Pandemic times, we understand that corporations may be a bit hesitant to jump-start their […]
August 20, 2020

BLOG: Increasing The Chance For A Quick Offer When Relocating

It can be an unwelcome surprise when an agent tells a prospective client that their suggested list price is lower than expected. This is especially true […]
August 11, 2020

ARTICLE: Preparing Your Home For An Inspection When Relocating

So, you have decided to accept that job offer from your company to a new city and state, and you are going to be selling your […]
August 11, 2020

BLOG: Repayment Agreement Best Practices

Relocations are expensive, and companies want to be sure they will have the return on investment with the new hire or transfer. In order to protect […]
July 27, 2020

Key Mobility Risks To Be Aware Of During Evolutionary Change

By: Ginger Merrick, SCRP, SGMS Senior Global Mobility Consultant and Sherry Pletcher, CRP Director of Operations & Client Services Evolutionary change is currently taking place in […]
July 20, 2020

Selecting The Right RMC Fit For Your Company’s Move Volume

If an organization relocates fewer than 100 employees annually, there is typically an individual in the Human Resources department that is tasked with handling the administration […]
June 30, 2020

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Relocation Program

A 2019 industry survey showed nearly 90% of responding companies outsource aspects of their relocation program… The same survey revealed that the average cost for a […]
May 26, 2020
InterLink Improves Cleaning During Covid-19

IRR Implements Strong Rental Cleaning Measures for Relocating Employees

InterLink Relocation Resources (the sister company of Rental Relocation, Inc.) has has been closely monitoring the latest statements from the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]
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