International Mobility Definitions

Assignment: The relocation of an employee, whether short or long term, to a host location for a specific business need and period of time.

Cost of Living: The costs of defined goods and services required for living in a specific location in order to determine the cost of living potentially deeming a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) necessary.

Cross-cultural Training Services: Orientation and training programs for employees and their families to familiarize them with living and working environments in a particular location and culture. Programs may include value systems, behaviors, business and social protocol, and emotional transition and strategies for success in the new culture.

Host Housing: Housing, whether temporary or permanent, in the host location in which the employee and family members will reside while on assignment.

Household Goods Shipment: Transportation and insurance of an employee’s household goods and personal effects via air or surface shipment from the home location to the host location.

Household Goods Storage: Long- or short-term storage of employee’s personal goods while on assignment or in temporary housing.

Immigration: The securing of a host country visa, work permit and/or residence permit by an employee and their dependent family members.

Long Term Assignment: The temporary assignment of an employee for a period of one to five years where family members may or may not accompany the employee.

Property Management Services: During the assignment, an employee may elect to maintain the home and contract with a property management company to manage the home during their assignment for services such as property maintenance, and securing and management of tenants.

Relocation Allowance: An allowance to cover moving expenses not otherwise covered by policy benefits. Receipts are not needed nor is any documentation of how the allowance is used.

Repatriation: The return of the employee to the home country at the completion of the assignment.

Settling-in Services: A service provided by a destination service provider, or local agent, to assist the employee in securing a driver’s license, setting up bank accounts, securing transportation, area orientation, utility hook-up, etc.

Short Term Assignment: The temporary assignment of an employee projected to last for a period of three to twelve months from their home country to a host country.

Temporary Accommodations: Furnished, short-term housing that an employee may utilize for assignments of less than 12 months or for longer assignments, for their initial arrival or upon their return.

Visa: A document which grants the employee permission to enter a country for a specified length of time which may or may not permit the expatriate to work and may require a separate application for a work permit.

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