We get a lot of commonly asked questions. Here are a few that we answer most frequently:

Does InterLink offer ACH, or direct deposit, for expense reimbursements? 
Yes. Employees can choose receiving a check or having reimbursements deposited directly via ACH into their bank account.

Does InterLink collect personal employee information?
No, InterLink does not collect any personal information from employees. Even banking information is input directly by the employee, and InterLink does not have access to any account numbers.

Does InterLink support employees after hours?
Yes, the our team is available after regular working hours and on weekends. Employees have direct access to their personal relocation consultant at all times.

Does Interlink offer vacant home insurance?
Yes, InterLink puts vacant home insurance on all acquired and vacated properties until the actual closing with an outside purchaser.

How does Interlink work with the transferee to get their home ready to sell?  
InterLink’s Marketing Assistance Program works directly with the employee and selected agent to sell the property at the highest price in the shortest amount of time.  Once the employee selects an agent, the relocation consultant maintains constant communication with the employee and listing agent to determine the appropriate marketing strategy until a buyer is found.

Does InterLink review home purchase and home closing documents? 
Yes!  Our relocation consultants assist employees with negotiations, and review home purchase and home closing disclosures with the employee to ensure an understanding of which expenses will and will not be covered by their company.

What is a home sale direct reimbursement, or independent sale? 
This is where an employee markets their home through InterLink’s Marketing Assistance Program until a buyer is located. The employee is reimbursed upon closing for employer-approved home sale closing costs.

What is a BVO (Buyer Value Option)? 
As in the direct reimbursement program, employees market their homes through InterLink’s Marketing Assistance Program until a buyer is located and their relocation consultant gets involved.  An InterLink Contract of Sale, which mirrors the buyer’s outside contract, is created for InterLink to acquire the property from the employee and submit for calculation of the equity.

What is a GBO (Guaranteed Buyout Option)?  
With this program, two independent, fee paid appraisals are ordered, in addition to inspections on the property, title work and the broker market analyses. The average of the appraisals are submitted to the employee as a “guaranteed offer”.  If, no buyer has been found – typically after a certain period o time – the employee is free to accept the company’s offer for the relocation consultant can acquire the property from the employee and submit for calculation of the equity.

When are transferees reimbursed? 
InterLink processes expense reimbursements weekly.

Who handles travel? 
Interlink’s travel partner makes reservations for hotels, airfares, and auto rentals, consolidating all reservations onto one folio which makes it easy to submit for reimbursements.

What happens if an employee’s household goods are damaged? 
InterLink’s household goods partnerships are top-notch and we have very few claims. When there are claims, the relocation consultant works closely with the employee and the van line’s claim department to reach a fair and prompt resolution.

How often should we review our policy? 
We believe that relocation policies should be at least once a year – more if certain circumstances dictate (such as a group move, company merger, etc.). Our close tracking of all exceptions also helps determine if and when a policy benefit should be reevaluated.

Does InterLink help clients write policies?  
Yes, we have written most of our clients’ policies, from revisions to entirely new policies.

Does InterLink have an app for expenses? 
Yes, our app allows employees to take photos of receipts and submit expenses while from their mobile device or via web portal.

What is gross-up? 
Certain relocation expenses are considered to be taxable income to the employee.  Gross-up is when the employer pays the tax impact directly to the state and federal governments on the employee’s behalf.  By doing so, the employee is not penalized for having relocated.

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