InterLink’s proprietary technology, GlobalLink, is the operating platform we use to manage the relocation process, partners and expenses. Completely secure, it gives clients and employees real-time visibility into every step of the relocation. Around the clock, supplier statuses, expenses, and related information is managed and monitored.

  • Employees are happy because they know what’s going on, with easy access to all of their relocation expenses and profile information.
  • Clients are happy because GlobalLink helps manage compliance and costs.  All expenses and documents for business unit destination or departure locations are accurately collected, tracked, and reported.

Clients can login in to GlobalLink to access their real-time data here.

Expense and Activity

InterLink’s concise data collection and reporting practices means you’re always up to date on every aspect of your relocations. This accurate data can also be used to generate standard or ad hoc reports to measure program expenses and policy performance throughout the program.

Tax and Payroll

We work with each client to create custom, comprehensive reporting according to your tax and payroll methodology and schedules. An accurate, year-end processing and reconciliation process ensures compliance and timely W-2 processing.


Clients can track budget versus expenses as they are incurred.


We closely monitor and track exceptions to provide insights on current policies. This accurate data demonstrates how employee relocation needs are changing, to make appropriate adjustments during policy review.


InterLink’s reporting allows clients the ability to forecast policy expense for new fiscal year budgeting by business unit, group moves, and future growth.


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