Policy Review and Development

Getting the right corporate relocation program into place is step 1. With 25 years of experience in corporate relocations and assignments, InterLink understands the practices and policies that work best. Regardless of where we start – revising existing policies or helping to create new ones – we never have preconceived notions or try to force canned solutions. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, we listen and learn about each client’s needs and create customized solutions


Compensation requirements and regulations vary from country to country. Our international support services help ensure that you and your employees have what you need for on-time payroll and tax administration from day one. Clients have the ability to run:

  • Cost and tax estimates from authorization and throughout an assignment
  • Balance sheets
  • Total compensation collection using data from both the primary and secondary/shadow payroll
  • Total global cost reports

Group Move/Merger-Acquisition

As with every merger/acquisition, there are a lot of moving pieces. Relocation is a key component and employee retention/attrition is one of the most critical factors in determining success. InterLink supports every step of the process, from confidential communications and expense planning, to family visits and career counseling to help meet retention objectives.

Office Relocation

Mergers/acquisitions and client growth often require relocating a corporate or remote office or business location. InterLink helps minimize the impact of moves through careful planning, synchronizing timelines and coordinating employee relocations with the office move.

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