Many of our domestic services are also important for international moves. We start with the same process of engaging with the employee to assess their needs, schedule site tours, and support all of the other steps in the move.

Here is how InterLink manages International relocation and assignments for success:


InterLink integrates travel services into the relocation program, ensuring the coordination and timing between travel and approved benefits.

Visa and immigration

InterLink coordinates the immigration services process with immigration law firms and destination service providers to obtain passports, visas, or work permits. All immigration services are offered with other applicable relocation benefits to ensure a smooth transition for the employee.

Policy Counseling

An InterLink Relocation Consultant contacts your employee to evaluate their specific family requirements and timing, and to review their relocation policy to ensure they understand their benefits.

Temporary Living

Temporary living is often used to help a relocating employee or family become comfortable in their new location before finding permanent housing. InterLink’s partners recommend corporate apartment and hotel options that best fit the person’s or family’s needs based on amenities, size, and location preference.

Expense Management Services

InterLink’s global expense solution supports clients compliance with international and domestic taxes. Our consultants audit expenses per policy, and the GlobalLink system tracks and reports expense and financial management.

Home Finding/Rental Assistance

InterLink partners with real estate professionals across the globe that represent many cultures and languages to assist relocating employees with home finding and purchasing.

Transportation of Household Goods

Transporting household goods is much more complicated when crossing borders. InterLink and our partners coordinate ground, ocean and air freight, prepare all required documentation, and manage customs clearance to make sure employees’ belongings arrive safely to their destination.

Property and Tenancy Management

During an employee’s assignment out of the country, InterLink’s Property and Tenancy Management services ensure their home is professionally managed. Whether occupied or unoccupied, homes are professionally managed – and remain safe and secure – during employees’ assignments out of the country.

Destination and Settling-inServices

Arriving in a foreign country can be challenging. InterLink’s Settling-in-Services are designed to acclimate transferees to new locations. Employees also have assistance for driver’s license registrations, Social Security cards, banks accounts, and area tours.

Assignment Management

Managing and monitoring policies through each move can get complicated. InterLink supports the assignee and family through their transition, whether on a short-term business project or a long -term assignment. InterLink manages the process and all expenses through repatriation.

We have the experience and flexibility to create seamless solutions. GlobalLink, our real-time tracking system, gives everyone involved 24×7 insight, further ensuring compliance and cost controls.


InterLink’s repatriation services support a family’s return at the end of an assignment. Services include (not limited to): shipment of household goods, travel, home finding, and temporary living.

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