Relocation A-Z

With all of the moves we’ve facilitated over the years, InterLink understands all of the complexities involved in corporate relocations and assignments. We use this expertise to create best practices and policies that can respond to unique situations. Paired with a hands-on, consultative approach, clients and employees experience seamless relocations and less stress.

Clients, employees, and partners like the results:

  • Care and accountability with 24×7 information, access.
  • Minimized stress of…
    • clients managing the paperwork and program of relocating employees
    • employees starting a new life in a new location
    • partners relying on InterLink’s consistency
  • Maximized returns for…
    • clients managing complicated relocation processes, expenses and taxes to recruit and retain employees
    • employees selling and buying homes
    • partners facilitating moves

Find out more about why clients chose InterLink. Contact us for a free review of your relocation policies and to discuss your corporate requirements.

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