Due Diligence is Essential in Employee Relocations (…at least, it is for us!)

Due Diligence is Essential in Employee Relocations (…at least, it is for us!)

InterLink Service Partner Due Diligence

At InterLink, we make sure the Service Partners we choose to work with meet our high standards. Not all Employee Relocation providers do as thorough a job of screening and constantly vetting 3rd party partners.

We have perfected the art of due diligence. Our philosophy is simple: We refuse to under-serve our clients without a thorough and constant vetting process of every Service Partner we rely on; otherwise, our customers and their employees are the ones that suffer the consequences…and that’s just no way to run a successful business. InterLink Service Partner Due Diligence

We select our Service Partners based on their service performance, and by making sure their core business focus is in the corporate relocations industry, with nationwide and/or global capability. Not all relocation companies perform such due diligence, which is one of the ways InterLink differentiates itself from the competition. For instance:

  • InterLink does price comparisons with a variety of Service Partners within the various categories, and negotiates the most competitive pricing that brings the “best value” results. It is through “volume” clout negotiation, combined with the fact that we do not request referral fees from our supplier partners (other than the standard realtor referral fees in a typical home sale/purchase). Most RMC’s obtain referral fee compensations from mortgage lenders, temporary housing partners, appraisers, inspectors, household good providers, etc.; we don’t. InterLink’s preference is to have our partners provide us with the most competitive pricing, so that we can pass that on to our client. Their total invoice is “pass-through,” and we are totally transparent to our clients. 
  • InterLink reviews all our supplier contracts annually and review the pricing area during review of all our partner agreements. Any negotiations and pricing advantages put into place are passed along to our client. 
  • Not all costs can be controlled by the 3rd party Service Partner; some of the biggest expenses could be due to the home sale price or salary used to calculate a Miscellaneous Expense Allowance (MEA). We review the relocation expenses year-over-year with our clients, thus exposing what components can be controlled or impacted for future planning or policy adjustments.
  • InterLink monitors its Service Partners every day. InterLink identifies problems in real time and addresses them before they create shortcomings. In the event that the Service Partner is not delivering to predetermined expectations in any service category, InterLink will ask for an immediate action plan to identify a resolution to performance issues, while identifying a back-up plan. If the Service Partner fails to meet performance expectations within an agreed-upon time, they will be suspended or removed from our supplier roster. Thanks to our day-to-day monitoring and proactive approach with our Service Partners, we maintain a very low instance of problems. 
  • InterLink’s goal is to create great working relationship with our service partners – and they truly love working with us, almost always remaining our providers for years, and in many cases, decades. In that same vein they understand there are partners in their specialty ready to step into their place. This model drives superior performance. 

 If your RMC’s partners are falling below your company’s standards, you owe it to your organization – AND your employees – to talk to InterLink Relocation Resources. Give us a call today at 866-254-3910.

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