BLOG: U.S. Workers Interested In Relocation Thanks To Remote Opportunities

To say that 2020 has been a strange year for companies around the world is, at this point, just about the biggest understatement imaginable. Regardless of how large or small a company is, chances are extremely high that their business models have changed to some degree.

Consider the results of a recent survey from e-commerce payment company FAST, which revealed some very interesting information about what U.S. employees:

  • 35% of American workers said they are considering relocating to a new town or city
  • Out of 600 U.S. adults with remote jobs who were surveyed, 40% of respondents are currently considering a move to a less-populated area
  • 36% of respondents say they are considering relocating because there are many more opportunities to work remotely

In another survey conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of Zillow, 56% of employed Americans were allowed to work from home this year; 75% of those who worked remotely said they want to continue to do so, and 66% confirmed they would consider moving if they were afforded the opportunity to work from home as often as they want.

What do these numbers mean for Relocation Management Companies (RMCs)? Not much, unless they devise a program that helps address the reality of the way we do business now – and how we will in the future.

Interlink created such a program: SCORE.

If you are a corporate Mobility or Human Resources professional whose employees are looking to relocate on their own, we can help. InterLink’s innovative SCORE Program invites companies to become a client and reap the benefits of this no-cost affinity program. SCORE provides professional assistance with local or long distance moves within the United States; additionally, the SCORE Program provides access to real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, temporary living accommodations, and transportation companies while providing a way for home sellers and buyers to earn cash rewards.

There is no cost to the Company or employee to participation in InterLink’s SCORE Program. Furthermore, SCORE can boost the value of your own Total Rewards Program.

An InterLink Relocation Consultant will perform a thorough needs assessment with your employee and assist throughout the process. Based on the personal assessment, the Relocation Consultant will place referrals with InterLink’s appropriate partners for providing the specific needed benefits. InterLink’s preferred partners will be available for your general employee population through our SCORE program. In the event of either selling or purchasing a home, we will offer choices of members of our qualified real estate network.

Participants in the InterLink SCORE Program will receive a cash back reward based on the sales or purchase price.

InterLink also offers moving services with our trusted service partners, offering competitive discounts, improved availability during peak season, and no obligation estimates. Our national mortgage lenders provide a qualification assessment ahead of time, and competitive interest rates to your employees. And, certainly not least, we can offer numerous options for temporary living accommodations, from private rentals for short term to corporate apartments, at our discounted rates.

Moving is personal. Selling or purchasing a home is personal. With InterLink’s friendly personalized assistance, the process goes from stressful to successful.


  • Participants will be offered two (2) qualified Real Estate Agents for Home Sale and/or Purchase
  • Cash-back rewards* in association with Real Estate transactions equal to a percentage of the sales price
(*NOTE: Such programs are supported by the Department of Justice; however, there are a few states that prohibit or require the reward to be paid as a closing credit or in the form of a reduced real estate commission.)


  • Professional move coordinator
  • Access to a preferred network of Service Partners
  • No obligation estimates
  • Competitive discounts, with improved availability during peak season


  • Needs assessment
  • Qualification assessment
  • Competitive interest rates


  • Short-term private rentals
  • Apartments

If you would like to hear more about or join InterLink’s SCORE Program, call us toll-free: 866-254-3910.

You can also click here to send us an email.

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