5 Years of Great Service, and 71 Years of Expertise

5 Years of Great Service, and 71 Years of Expertise

InterLink Relocation Anniversary

InterLink Relocation AnniversaryInterLink Relocation Resources has one of the most – if not THE most – experienced professionals in the Employee Relocation industry. Today, we took time to recognize two of our most valuable team members who celebrate their 5-year anniversaries with the company!

Sherry Pletcher is InterLink’s Director of Operations & Client Services, and has led InterLink through an incredible 5 years of unsurpassed growth. Marilyn Steiner, who has also been with InterLink for five years, is one of InterLink’s Relocation Consultants, and she oversees every aspect of a client’s move, from start to finish.

Here’s where the math gets interesting: In the case of Marilyn and Sherry, 5+5 doesn’t equal 10 – it equals 71…that’s how many combined years the two of them have in the Employee Relocation industry.

“While not everybody at InterLink has as many individual years in the industry as Sherry and Marilyn, it’s a great advantage that the rest of the team has at least 15 years in Global Mobility,” said James Bilderback, President of InterLink Relocation Resources. “Our clients know that with experience comes considerable knowledge, and there is no other Employee Relocation firm that can make that claim. We have the expertise to make all moves as seamless as possible, whether they are across state lines, or across oceans.”

If you are interested in speaking to InterLink about how we can serve your employees, call us toll-free at 866-254-3910, or click here to send us a message. Someone will respond within one business day.


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